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Web Designing
Konnection India offers a complete package of affordable website design and ecommerce web development.
Konnection India offers a complete package of customized e-brochure, flash designs and flash videos.
Social Media Optimization
We have in-depth knowledge of online marketing through (SMO) social media optimization, visibility and linkability.
Affiliate Marketing
Konnection India has carved a niche in the field of affiliate marketing in the market.
We are Specialized in

We at Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. have worked with a wide variety of industry sector including tourism
We Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. is a professional website designing and internet marketing company providing full featured web services including B2B as well as B2C e-commerce solutions and acting as an offshore development centre for various development firms.

We are an innovative company, based in Gurgaon, which delivers a series of Web-based software applications that helps customers achieving online initiatives. Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. also provides various services, which enables a company to get online, from web designing to web hosting and above all website promotion in Google/Yahoo/MSN/AOL and many more.

Every website, which is designed and developed by Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd., is strategically structured with core elements in mind, like
Our Portfolio Includes:
  •  Aesthetics
  •  Functionality
  •  Easy of navigation
  •  Search engine friendliness
  •  Download speed
  •  Target market research.
Our team of web designers and developers are capable of delivering custom made solutions which are specific to client’s specific requirements. We have selected our team based on their in-depth knowledge of design as well as development. We guarantee aesthetically appealing and functionality of websites with highest of standards of quality.

The search engines and browsers has become more demanding, so we at Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. have provided cutting edge designs to make your website stand out and be remembered by the visitors, this is very essential as your competitors are just a click away in web world.

We at Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. understand that website is the essential business marketing tool, and will only achieve your goals, if it is designed and programmed with higher standard of quality. A standard that we can offer, please contact us on +91 (0)124 45091683 an appointment or click here to e-mail us, giving us information on your project.
  •  Creation & Expansion of ads
  •  Pruning of low presentation keywords and ads
  •  Professional & detailed account management
  •  Structured Ad campaign management
  •  Budget Management
  •  Ad Campaign & Conversion Tracking
  •  Increase in Score Quality of keyword and many more
We at Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. have worked with a wide variety of industry sector including tourism, hotels, Printing Machines, dentistry, real estate, prenatal care, software, design, technology and more.

Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. manages all aspects of your Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Advertising account. We start by identifying the aims of your campaign/s, and from there handle the keywords, match options, bids, budgets, ads and tracking on an ongoing basis.
Social Media Optimization :
Available Internet Marketing vehicles
  •  Organic Search Engine Ranking
  •  Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Management)
  •  Search Engine and Directory Submissions
  •  Link Popularity Building Campaign
  •  Paid Advertising in terms of Banners Ads, Text Adverts etc.
  •  Solicited Email Marketing
  •  Article Marketing and Article syndication
  •  Ezines, Newsletters that will carry advertising to a subscribed audience
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  Pod Casting
  •  Return on Investment Tracking and Marketing Campaign Improvisation
The internet traffic to the website through various marketing sources requires an indepth analysis on source / conversion ratio achieved, this report helps us increase the conversion rate by identifying the black holes and rectifying the same. This process includes
  •  Search Engine Marketing Campaign Analysis
  •  Visitor Source identification
  •  Visitor Behavior Analysis
  •  Top Entry points
  •  Most viewed pages
  •  Time spent on the website
  •  Visitor Drill down behavior Study
  •  Visitor Navigation path Study
  •  Study on Unique visitor v/s Return Visits
  •  Geographic Viewership analysis
  •  Improvising Web Usability to Increase conversion ratio
Affiliate Marketing :
We at Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. are capable to generate exposure, opportunity and sales on web. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, Google Adwords, Travelocity, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

In the context of Online social media marketing, Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. social media refers to a collective group of web properties whose content is primarily published by users and clients, not direct employees of the property (e.g. most of the videos on YouTube are published by non-YouTube employees). And, Social Media Marketing refers to the process of promoting your Internet presence using various social media channels. Some of the key reasons related to Sales & Marketing for which businesses are currently using Social Media Marketing are:
  •  Online Visibility & Branding
  •  Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  •  Online Lead Generation
  •  Online Sales
The ultimate way to integrate your online marketing. Developing your brand in social media for a successful SEO presence. Boosting your company's popularity organically by taking part in popular networking sites.
Advertise.com gives marketers a wide range of benefits including:
  •  Search and Display marketing
  •  Alternative traffic channels that deliver lower costs per click
  •  Unique network transparency for easy optimization
  •  Geo-targeting for national and local campaigns
  •  Fast and easy management with real-time reporting
  •  Flexible bidding to get the results you need
  •  Advanced fraud protection around the clock
  •  Customer support from knowledgeable people
Konnection India Dotcom Pvt. Ltd., offers Affiliate Marketing Services and affiliate marketing solutions for various Merchants, Hoteliers and many more wishing to advertise their products/ services on internet. Our professional Affiliate Marketing strategies ensure that your products and services gets all the visibility at the right platforms; whereby amounting to increased lead making and ROI enhancement.
Affiliate Marketing Workscope includes:
  •  Defining a suitable Affiliate Marketing strategy and program
  •  Deploying Affiliate marketing solutions and software in case of own network
  •  Identifying and Subscribing to potential publisher advertising networks
  •  Tracking Performance of Affiliate Network along with weekly reporting
  •  Recruitment of new affiliates using personalized emails
  •  Affiliate Fraud prevention and monitoring services of Affiliate Networks.
  •  Payment structures of Affiliate Network